Spirited Leaders™ Awareness Retreat

An opportunity for leaders to experience a wider perception of reality and gain new understandings.
In being busy all the time and focusing our energies on doing, it is difficult to be aware. Sometimes when we stand back and look at what is in front of us, it becomes obvious what to do next:  - like connecting the dots to form a pattern that was there all the time, only we couldn't see it. 
If we can see reality as it is, without filtering it through our own impressions, history, pre-conceptions and baggage, we are better able to do what is required of us.
The Awareness Retreat offers you the space and resources to consider the question:

 "How can I develop an attitude and daily practices that lead me to greater awareness of my life and myself?" 

The Retreat also offers you the opportunity to work with new frameworks in approaching an existing goal or purpose.
The Retreat takes place over 3 days and is available for:
Individual leaders who will join with other leaders to provide a resource to each other orA group of leaders who work together within an organisation.
The typical size of the group is 8-12 participants supported by 2 Retreat Guides.

The locations have been carefully chosen for their natural beauty and the opportunities to be in special places. Venues for 2002 include the Lake District in England and Jutland in Denmark.

Each Retreat is designed to enhance awareness on a number of levels and also develop the theme of balance.

  • The Physical: - opening our senses to nature.
  • The Emotional:- opening our hearts to feelings
  • The Mental: - opening our minds to different mindsets and ways of thinking.
  • The Spiritual: - opening ourselves to the big picture and to the concept of connectedness

During the retreat you will have the opportunity to consider the idea of balance: - balance of the outside world and your internal world, balance of doing and being, balance of male and female qualities, balance of time and energy, balance of work life and personal life.

You will have the opportunity to consider questions such as:  Do I have the right balance in my life?

How can I use the possibilities and conditions in my life in the most successful and fruitful way?

Whilst the retreat is very much about experiencing and being you will learn some practices that you can take with you into your daily life. 

These are:

  • Observing.
  • Paying attention to the big picture and the tiny details.
  • Reflecting.
  • Reframing situations, in order to open up new perspectives.
  • Engaging in dialogue.
  • Listening.

We will practice observing and noting what information our senses bring us before we start processing and interpreting it.
Each morning you will start the day by coming awake in a way that suits you as an individual and releases your energy for the day ahead for example having a silent, mindful breakfast or walking by the lake. During the Retreat there will be time for quiet personal reflection, journalling and other meditative practices. 
The opportunity to engage in dialogue (dia logos- the flow of meaning) with people who are aware and have insights in different areas. On each retreat we will invite someone with heightened awareness in a particular field to share a session with us for example a poet, photographer, astronomer, botanist, mountaineer, chocolate maker.
One of the ways we will practice reframing will be through playing a game, which is designed to help you understand and transform the way you are "playing" your life. By providing new perspectives on current life issues, the game helps you clarify old beliefs and attitudes and transforms reaction patterns. Bring a particular issue that you are currently dealing with and that you would like to resolve- this will be your main focus whilst playing the Game.
During the retreat we will give each other the gift of listening in its fullest sense.
The fee is 900 £ GBP in England and 9000 Kr. in Denmark plus VAT, includes single accommodation in an ensuite double room and all meals.

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For further information please contact:

Valerie Waters on +44 131 225 4694 
E-mail to: ValerieAWaters@cs.com
Mariann Kjerrumgaard on +45 8618 9522
E-mail: Mariann@ArtemisPsych.dk

Comments from the Participants
"I went on the Spirited Leaders' Retreat the week before starting a new job as Finance Director of a company in an industry of which I had no experience. 

I found the time and space of the retreat exstremely helpful in focusing my thoughts and sharing my hopes and fears in a non-threatening environment.
The retreat was incredibly timely and relevant to me needs, in terms of sharpening my awareness of my strengths and personality. 
It was a bit like drawing a deep breath before making a previously untried high-dive. 
The air was good and I've surfaced ! " 

Richard Brooman
Finance Director

Breif Biography:
Valerie A. Waters. M.Sc.

Valerie Waters has consulted on management and leadership development to a number of multinational organisations since 1994. Her consultancy has been carried out across Europe, in the Far East and in the USA. She facilitates learning at the level of the organisation, the team and the individual.Valerie draws upon a wide variety of disciplines and practices in her work including strategic management, organisational development, team development, assessment and coaching.

Her business experience includes 17 years working inside three major corporations- Glaxo Pharmaceuticals, Mars Inc. and Kraft General Foods Europe. This experience spans generalist Human Resources roles and specialist roles in Organisation Development and Management Development. Whilst working for Kraft General Foods Europe Valerie played a key role in establishing an integrated approach to Management Development that was directly linked to the business strategy. This work was recognised by the Philip Morris Chairman's award.

Valerie is actively involved in the field of Business Education and is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Management School of Lancaster University. She received her own education in psychology from Bristol University and London University and holds a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology. She is a member of the British Psychological Society and the International Coach Federation.
Mariann Kjerrumgaard. M. psych.

Mariann is a graduate of the Psychology Institute of Aarhus University, Denmark. She has worked as a psychologist with a number of consulting firms in Denmark in the fields of recruitment, assessment, group dynamics and leadership development. She has designed and run many courses in self development, including Quality of Life, with a diverse range of individuals. For the past two years Mariann has worked primarily with leaders.

Mariann has lectured in Organisational Behaviour at the Institute for Leading and Organisation within Aarhus Business School.
In addition she has held a private practice in psychotherapy since 1978 working mainly with clients in transition.

In 1994 Mariann completed her thesis on "the ability to love" and has integrated this theme at the core of her work. She has attracted recent media attention in Denmark with her views on the ideal male and female personal qualities